What happened to this theme?

Hey, what happened to the Editorial theme? Are you still supporting it? I can’t find it in the Shopify App store or on your website. I purchased it in Jul 2021, which really isn’t that long ago. I didn’t receive any notification from you that you are no longer supporting this theme.

If you are no longer supporting it, could I perhaps have my Editorial theme exchanged for your themes that you still currently support?

Also, the link to your support policy leads to a 404 not found.


Hey @christianpure,

​Our Editorial theme was recently delisted from the Shopify theme store. We have decided to delist the theme due to shifting our focus to other themes within our catalog. However, we will still be providing support for the Editorial theme.

We do hope to relaunch the Editorial theme in the future once we are able to dedicate the resources for a significant rebuild.

​As it relates to our missing support policy, we have recently revamped our website, which has resulted in a few pages now being missing. These will be added back to our site in short order.

​Is there something we can help with regarding the Editorial theme?

Hi, I want to use a theme that’s actively being developed, not one that is only getting support.

It’s very disappointing that you just stopped further development without letting users know in advance or offering an option to switch to a theme that’s still being further developed.

I’m wondering how in the world you think that is acceptable behavior toward customers who rely on your product to drive their business.


Hi Christian

Thanks for for your feedback.

We are sorry for the miscommunication - I understand your frustrations and agree we could have handled this better.

As the marketplace is controlled by Shopify, we didn’t have any capability to communicate once the theme was delisted, but having said that we should have had more communication on our own channels. We will action on this feedback and update information regarding Editorial on documentation.

If you can contact us at support@switchthemes.co I will able to assist you further in regards to an exchange.