Way for customers to include text for gifting in Cascade?

New to Cascade and bummed I’m learning my Infinite Options app I use to allow customers to fill in text they’d like me to include on a card with their gift.

Anyone know something that’s compatible with Cascade? I’m looking for two simple things:

  1. Ability for customer to select they want monogramming. Once box is checked, want to require them to include the initials they want for the customization.

  2. Ability for customer to buy a gift and check a box that indicates they want to include a personal note. Once checked, need a text box for them to include the text they’d like me to include on card.

Am I wrong that achieving this isn’t possible with Cascade? (language on site when trying to use this says Any ideas on how I achieve this with an app or workaround that doesn’t require me paying an expert to do this simple function?

Thank you.