Theme Templates Cascade don't work (always fall back to default)

Hi there, we just started with Cascade and have the following problem:

I started to edit some of the pages (default, cascade)
Saw later the information, that I’d need to create a template for each page. And this is what I did.
I now wee the templates when adding a new page that I created in the code, can choose them, but after when customizing the theme, all these pages with the new template abe built on the default page. If I edit one page, all the others get the changes too.

Does someone struggle with this too?

Hey @SibylleCarmen,

To confirm, did you create your templates similar to the guide below:

With OS 2.0 you no longer need to create templates via modifying code. Once you create your templates according to the guide above and assign them to your pages, everything should work as expected.

Let us know if this helps out.