Shopify Cart Currency Conversion

So we have run into this bug with currency conversion on the Label Theme. If you change your store is setup for USD and you use the currency converter at the bottom of the theme (Assuming It’s enabled). All the prices change on the Product page, but in the Cart the price changes back to USD with the wrong currency symbol infront. For example: If I have a product that is published at $49 and I choose GBP. It will display 37 GBP on the Product Page, but in the cart it will show as 49 GBP and in checkout it will revert back to 37 GBP. Has anyone else run into this and been able to fix it?

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Hey Ty,

Happy to help with this.

Do you have Shopify Markets enabled by any chance? If so, could you confirm if you are using at least version 3.2.0 of the Label theme?

Hello, yes we have just upgraded to 3.2.1 as of yesterday. The slide out cart is still having issues, but everything else seems to be working now. We have changed our Markets to all use the USD with no discounts for an individual Market as that is what was breaking the drawer cart feature. We had to disable Market discounts for a few of our app were also breaking. If you want to trouble shoot the drawer bug then the test case is. 1. Setup a Market with a decrease price in local currency. 2. Make your IP address the same as the Market Country you just setup and go to the new country URL with your VPN IP coming from that country. 3. Add an item to your cart on the Label Theme with drawer cart enabled. The drawer cart will default to USD and erase the market discount. However, if you go to your cart and skip the drawer feature it works. I think the bug is in the drawer cart, but that is just a guess.

Hey Ty,
I just wanted to give you an update that our dev team is currently looking into this.

In order for us to assist more directly with resolving this issue on your store, would you be able to submit a ticket to our helpdesk via the link below:

We look forward to chatting with you further on this.

Hi, we currently have the same issue with the Baseline theme. Could you please share with me how you solved this problem?

Hey Jo, Ty,

We’ve tried replicating this issue on our end, but have been unsuccessful. Would you be able to create a ticket within our support portal at the link below so we may investigate further on your store?

Feel free to add any questions.

Yes I already created a ticket and I’ve been waiting for a response for days from the support team. That’s why I write comments here, in hope that someone that has faced the same issue could help me resolve it.

Hi @Jo123

Apologies for the delay in response to your ticket - I have followed up there.

Thanks for everyone’s patience on this. We were able to access a merchant’s store that had this issue. We first found that the /cart/ page and the /cart.js endpoint (which is what we use for the dynamic cart) were returning different totals - which was very odd. The /cart.js endpoint is part of Shopify’s Cart API that returns the current state of the cart.

We also noticed that the checkout total was also different - showing the same “incorrect” total that was in the cart drawer. We were also able to replicate this with Shopify’s Debut theme.

We have reached out with this information to Shopify and will update you if we hear anything from them. If you are able to replicate this issue in Shopify’s Debut theme like we did, we encourage you to contact Shopify support.

If you aren’t able to replicate the issue in Dawn or are still having issues please contact us.