Shapes not working on iOS for Safari and Firefox

The main menu will not open or lead to a link when clicked on. And the homepage will only partially load. Can you someone help ASAP? Customers can’t access the website since the Main Menu cannot be clicked on.

This is happening on iOS with Safari and Firefox.

Hey @AaronS,

We’ve seen that you’ve submitted a ticket to our ticket portal and we’ve replied there.

So far, we have taken a look at your store, however, on our end, it’s loading without any issues. Below is a screen recording taken from Safari on IOS:

Also, I’ve added both Desktop and mobile screenshots of Safari:
Desktop: Annotation on 2022-05-27 at 21-34-18.png - Droplr
Mobile: Annotation on 2022-05-27 at 21-37-54.png - Droplr

You can also see how it’s loading on Firefox here:
Mobile: Annotation on 2022-05-27 at 21-49-32.png - Droplr
Desktop: Annotation on 2022-05-27 at 21-51-59.png - Droplr

We’ll look out for your follow-up via the support portal so we can investigate further what is happening on your end.

Best Regards,