Need to add product reviews from shopify product review app for Shapes


I just switched from Shopify’s Debut theme to Shapes and I need to transfer my reviews from the Shopify Review App. The star rating transfered over and displays fine on both the homepage and product page, but not the actual reviews on either. Any help out there?


Hey @Tekeren ,

I hope you had a great weekend.

Can you verify whether you have added a review app block to your product template?

Below shows what the block should look like:

The reviews app would have all your saved reviews, so adding a block to the theme should get all your reviews showing again.

We’ll await your feedback.


When I try to add this block to the theme it doesn’t appear. My one other app does but not this one. Is there a reason why or a fix for this, can I add it?
Thanks again!

Hey @Tekeren,
We’ll need to take a closer look at your store. We’ve followed up via your support ticket, we’ll await your feedback there.