Items Not Adding to Cart

We’ve had the Shapes theme for a while. This morning for the first time customers reported that items will not “Add to Cart” after trying to buy an item. The page needs to be refreshed for it to work.

Does anyone know how to fix this? We just sent out a Black Friday email and we’re losing tons of sales.

Thank you!

Hey @AaronS

We’ve followed up on the ticket you submitted to our team. When checking your product page, it appears that there is some conflicting app code preventing the add to cart button from functioning.

It could be that an app was installed recently, which would explain why you are only now seeing this issue.

You can followup within the ticket and we’ll advise further.

Best Regards,

You guys were right, it was a 3rd party app. We deleted it and now it works perfectly. Thank you so much for the amazing service you really saved us!

Hello, this issue is back :(. Items will not add to cart on multiple browsers. We’ve cleared the cache and it will not work. Please help ASAP as we’re running a black friday sale and losing tons of orders.

Hi @AaronS ,

We’ve followed up via your support ticket. You can check our response there