Introducing Cascade 3.0

Happy to share that a couple of weeks ago we launched a new version of Cascade that was rebuilt from the ground up with OS2.0 and performance in mind.This also includes an updated design which includes the following features:

  • A lot more possibilities for creating flowing (hence the name cascade!) asymmetrical layouts (You can choose how “crazy” you want the layout to be)
  • No more use of JS libraries for layout (we previously used Masonry JS, but now have a CSS + Liquid only approach)
  • A “cascade” asymmetrical product template where you can easily break up product media with other content
  • Multiple collection + product templates
  • Over 20+ content sections

If you have already purchased Cascade, you can download a new version from the theme store here:

As this is a new theme, updating from Cascade 2.x will require setting up the store again. You can find more details here: