How to keep the product images in scrolling mode on mobile?


I am using the latest version of Baseline.
I was wondering if there is any possibility to keep the feature for desktop to scroll to the multiple product images instead of having a carousel or ‘swiping’ for mobile.

Thank you

Hey Lola,

This layout option for product media is currently not available for mobile devices. What we would recommend is to add this as a feature request here.

We are opting to have our merchants vote on what new features should be included in our themes, and adding it there will allow you to track the progress on your end as well.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Adding to the above, Lola.

Having the product media appear in a slideshow on mobile was a choice made to ensure optimal UX for visitors. The aim is so that it’s easier to see the add to cart button without scrolling. Having a long scroll on your product page, particularly on mobile can increase the likelihood of visitors abandoning the page.

Based on the above, we would recommend having the media remain in a slideshow for mobile :).

Hi Quewayne,

Thank you for the help! It is a good point that depending on how many pictures a product has it can be quite long before reaching the add to cart option.

Have a nice day!

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Have a wonderful day, Lola :slight_smile: