How to get the music to show up in a grid?

I am trying to get multiple songs to show up on my music page. I have followed the instructions here: Add an audio track to your products || Label || Switch Themes - YouTube

I have added the songs as four separate products, uploaded the song files with the proper naming convention, and also tried adding the songs as tracks. But I still only have one image, and one player.

So then I added the songs as four separate audio players, and got this:

But what I’m looking for is more like what is displayed in the demo theme: I want all the songs to show up in a grid, and each song will play when you click on the album artwork. How can I accomplish this?

Hey @kellyvaughn,

To add tracks to product grids, there is a different guide you need to follow. This would be the guide shown below:

Let us know if you run into any issues.