How do I remove price from featured collection section on homepage

Wondering how I remove the price from the featured collection section on my homepage? I feel like it looks a lot cleaner without it. It also leads to the customer through one more click to discover which is better for purchasing

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Hey @bld,

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For help with a change of this nature, we’d recommend reaching out to our Support portal instead. There we’ll be able to dig a little deeper into this for you.
You can reach out via the link below:

We’ll look out for your messages :slight_smile:

Hi. I sent them a support ticket for this as well. Did you ever find the answer?

Hi! I have not found the answer yet unfortunately. I’m not much of a coder but I looked through and couldn’t find anything either

Hey @bld,
Did you submit a support ticket regarding this?

@FarFromTimid, could you confirm your store URL?