Hide variant image

Hello, I would like to hide the variant image. The variant image has to be square for the IG catalog, and the cover images of product photos on my site have a vertical shape.
How I can hide the variant image photos?


Hey @Ninefoot

Could you provide some more insight on this?

Is it that you would like to hide all images set as variant images on product pages?

I would like to hide the variant product, here you can see, that images appear, the first one the product page, and if it’s the same one I choose, for the collection covers, appears duplicated, on the product page


the first photo of the top is duplicated.

  • On the product variant, I have to choose that " product flat photo" in order to have the image for IG square for the shop.
    -but I can’t use the same photo, I need a vertical format for my collection page.
  • the template duplicates the image, on the product page.

I would like to get the instructions to hide the product variant photo on the product page