Does Shape Theme have color swatch?

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Our store is currently using Shapes theme and at Featured Products > Variant Selector I see the store has a Color Swatch option.

image > image

But I can’t change the button to swatch. I looked on but only found color swatch for Baseline and Labels theme. So can Shape theme use swatches and how to set this up?

Hey @gba.hoangnh,

Thanks for reaching out.

Our Shapes theme does indeed support swatches. The process for configuring them is identical to that of our Baseline theme for instance:

It’s important to ensure the color swatch trigger is also set according to the guide above, as this can cause your swatches to not be displayed.

We’ll ensure to add a Shapes-specific guide soon! Let us know if this was helpful

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Hi @quewayne ,
Thanks for the answer, I’ve relied on the Baseline color swatches but there some I don’t know.

  1. In Shape Theme setting only have Product Tiles and inside it don’t have color swatches.

  2. I have multiple colors, so what should I enter?
    Red, Green, Blue
    Red - Green - Blue
    Red; Green; Blue
    Currently, I’ve entered like bellow but on website not change
    On the website

  3. In feature product > variant picker has Color Swatches option but in product page > variant picker doesn’t have.

Thank you

Hey @gba.hoangnh,

Following up here.

1- This is where the Shapes theme differs from Baseline, the swatches can only be enabled from the variant picker block and not from the Theme Settings tab.

2- For the trigger, you only need to enter the title of your color variant option. For instance, if your colors are under an option called “Colour” then you would enter “Colour” within that field, not the actual color names.

3- It’s likely that you are using an older version of the Shapes theme. We released a patch recently that also added the swatch option to the variant picker on product pages. Below is a guide on how to update:

Let us know if this helps.