Customize Color Picker in Label Theme

I would like to customize the color picker for changing text. Right now, I have to enter my custom orange color (#e37028) when I want to use it to change a heading color in my product listing. Would be much easier if the colors shown in the color picker were ones I choose to match my theme colors. Currently, if I choose the existing orange, I get #ff8000.

Even better, I would like to customize the theme so that every H4 used on product pages is automatically colored #e37028.

I have attached a screenshot of the area to make it clearer.

Hey @Deafman ,

The area shown in your screenshot is actually not related to your theme. It’s Shopify’s rich text editor, which we have no control over from our end.

However, if what you wish to do is to modify the color for all h4 tags on your product pages, the CSS below should help:

.template-product .rte h4{
color: #e37028 !important;

You can add this code according to the guide below:

Let us know if you run into any issues.

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Wow! Added that code to a custom.css file and now all my H4 product headlines are orange. Works great. Thanks so much!

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