"custom" quantity selector step


I’d like to make the quantity selector increase on decrease by 6 instead of 1. I tried used the input tag parameter, but they seems overridden by js code. Does anyone can point me where I can actually increase the step from 1 to 6?


Hey Zegg,

Thanks for reaching out!

I checked with our development team and the best way to go about this would be to modify the theme’s theme.js file. In the theme.js file, you would need to search for and change “qty += 1” to “qty =+ 6” along with “qty -= 1” to “qty -= 6”. Once this has been done, you would minify this file and copy the new minified code to replace your theme.min.js file.

Please ensure to create a theme duplicate before attempting this or any code customization to your theme.

I hope you have an awesome day!