Collection templates — grid

Hi there! We are using „Cascade“ and are currently working on our OS 2.0 update via theme editor. We would like to create new collection templates using the „grid“ view.

Unfortunately the products are not shown in the common grid – although we chose „collection (grid)“ in the theme editor. Do you have any workarounds for this matter?

Thank you very much!
Patrick & Georg

Hey Patrick,

Happy to help.

Using templates can be tricky, as in this case, the template needs to be specified on the collection page, via the Shopify admin.

We have a guide that should help with this. Could you take a look at the link below and let us know if it sheds some light on how to assign the grid template?

Let us know if you run into any issues after checking out the guide above :). Important to note is that the Cascade theme will need to be published for you to assign it’s templates to a collection.

Hi there! Hm … we can not find “collection.liquid” and “collection.grid.liquid” in the code editor …

Also, another problem came up: It appears that you can’t use your collection image when working with the grid template …? The checkbox is simply missing …!

Thank you very much for helping us out!
Patrick & Georg
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-18 um 12.02.35

Hey Patrick,

In our OS 2.0 version of Cascade, our collection files have been renamed to main-collection.liquid and main-collection–grid.liquid. These can both be found under Sections.

To add a collection Image to the Grid collection template, you can add an Image with Text section, and by using the Dynamic source option on your image, you can specify it to use your collection image. Below is a quick video on how you can do this:

Let us know if this helps :).