Centre the blog / main article

Hey there,

I am loving the Baseline theme. The one thing I would like to see though is the option make blog posts read easier by pulling in the text in tighter and centreing it in the middle of the screen (more like a traditional blog post or online news article). This is mainly for on desktop viewing as they seem to show up nicely on mobile.

I feel this would require adding options to centre the content and a selection for how wide the content should be (Like the half page option on general pages)

Current state on my site:

Ideal state:

Hey Hugho,

Thanks for taking the time out to submit this feature request, we really appreciate it!

This is a great suggestion. I’ve passed this on to our dev team and they have given it the green light for our next update. We currently don’t have a release date, however, we’ll update you here once this has been released :slight_smile:

Do let us know if you have anything else to add here.

Hello, I’m having the same issue, and I have to use an extrenal app, to have it correctly center set up, can anyone let us know when the next update is gonna be ready? we will need to download the new update theme from shopify?

Hey @Ninefoot,

Currently, we don’t have an eta for when this will be released, however, we’ll add a notice here once we do :slight_smile:

To get access to this update, you’ll only need to download the latest version of the theme from your Shopify account, free of cost.

Let us know if you have any further questions.