Centre the blog / main-article layout

Hey there,

I am loving the Baseline theme. The one thing I would like to change though is to make blog posts read easier by pulling in the text in tighter and centreing it in the middle of the screen (more like a traditional blog post or online news article).

I feel this would mean changing something to centre the content and adding something to pad the content on each side.

My understanding of the code is low so I am unsure if this would be done within the main-article.liquid file or in the css… My investigations have found that the main content of blogs are defined on around line 100 of the main-article.liquid file, so adding or changing something there might be a work around…?

Note I have turned off settings that make the sidebar appear, I recognise that this could complicate things…

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks for any help.

Current state:

Ideal state:

Hey there,
This can definitely be done, and is an awesome suggestion that would be worth submitting here as a feature request, this way we can have other merchants vote on this to be added as a native theme feature.

Now as it relates to achieving this on your store, this would require a few changes, that would be best monitored within our support desk. We’ll need to request access to your store to make a few modifications, so it would be best for us to continue this there :slight_smile: .

Don’t forget to submit this as a feature request, and we’ll look out for your ticket within the desk.

Have an awesome day!