Add more custom options to write well looking blog post

Hello, I love the Baseline theme, but I found that some sections are not well finished,
as the blog post, I think is common in all the themes in general, but I would like to request, a better feature to write cool content, that is center, and also the option to add to cart directly items, so the customers can buy from the template, The “featured product” option is too big is not designed for blogs, we could use images linked to a product, but the customers will need to leave the blog page. Thank you switch team

Hey @Ninefoot,

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate you taking the time out to let us know your ideas as it relates to feature improvements.

We’ll be releasing a future update with a centered template for blogs.

As it relates to adding products to the cart on blog pages, have you seen any specific implementation of this that you consider to be ideal?

We’d love to get an example of what you envision for a feature like this.


thank you so much for contact me!
I’m obsess with the design of tempe template it’s amazing from the visual point of view.

For the blog post I actually use Pagefly to edit the blog post and add information and products

You can check and example here

Actually the pagefly “featured product”
Is pretty bad, the least ok doesn’t goes well with the template, but it’s always a nice option.

Let me know what you think,
Would be amazing Edit the blog post directly on the template and add sections images and videos buy products directly.

My Best

Hey @Ninefoot!
Happy to hear you are liking the theme :slight_smile:

I’ve taken a look at your blog post, however, all I see are images that are linked to product pages. Was this the correct link?

In this case, you could replicate that using the Shopify rich text editor, which would be a lot more efficient than editing the template directly.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hello Quewayne,

I did try to edit the blogs from there but are not really user-friendly, and don’t really look well, at least if you edited without coding. and if you want to add the option of add to cart direct products. is not that easy. (or I didn’t find the way)
but I’m really curious, to know why the templates in general, don’t put so much effort on design better pages for blogs. as I said, in general talking, I feel if the users don’t use an external app, the feel and look of the blog, are not gonna be nice.

Hey @Ninefoot,

I can see how the Shopify editor can take a little getting used to, however, it is a great tool once you get familiar with it, and this is how virtually all themes handle blog post creation.

As it relates to the design for our blog pages, the only difference between our blog page and the one you are currently using is that our default blog post template has a sidebar. Beyond that, everything that has been done on your current blog post can be done via the Shopify editor.

We would recommend checking out the guide below and getting familiar with the rich text editor:

Also, we’ll send you an update once we have released our new, centered blog post template :slight_smile:

I hope you have an awesome day!